What’s new in Associo - September and October 2023

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Matthew FrawleyFirst published 17th Oct 2023

We’re working hard to improve the user experience, following qualitative feedback from our customers and an iterative design-development process. 

The team merged 16 pull requests associated with 2 fixes and 10 features/upgrades in September and October 2023.

The release of v1.6.24 introduces major functional updates to the Associo app.

Screenshot showing an example data import from CSVScreenshot showing an example data import from CSV

Update: Import Tags from CSV File

You can now import tags. It matches by tag name, and creates new tags if there isn't an existing tag in the Workspace. A custom separator can be specified making it very flexible.

We understand that getting information in and out of Associo is important to you. That's why we're prioritising importing functionality, including document management system integrations (coming soon!).

Open New Item Panel alongside the View

The 'New Item panel' now opens in a standalone panel to the right of the origin View. This update allows for the View Info to remain visible whilst adding new Item(s) to the View. Previously the View Console needed to close to create a new Item.

We're working on making Associo more beginner-friendly, and this update is another step in that direction.

Add multi-Item support to the context menu in the Table

You can now select and right-click multiple Items in the table. Current options are to: edit, edit tags, or find and replace text.

New "Default Item" tab inside the View console

This allows you to set the default values for new Items created from the current View. It expands upon the previous functionality, allowing all Item Attribute values to be defaulted. This helps with repetitive Item creation, and ensuring new Items meet the View's filter criteria.

Key Fixes

  • The View menu was becoming unresponsive after leaving a Workspace and entering a new one. This has been resolved.

  • Rich Text editing has had numerous small fixes and improvements. These include paginating the toolbar options when the container is narrow, and fixing the placeholder text position.

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