Solve hard problems

The fastest and most reliable way to analyse issues and predict outcomes


Solve hard problems

The fastest and most reliable way to analyse issues and forecast outcomes


Key Features and Benefits

Build analysis at the speed of thought

Associo's visual interface empowers you to build rigorous analysis much faster than you can describe it in writing.

Never forget relevant information

With chronologies, lists of relevant documents and other tables of information integrated with your analysis and hyperlinked to your document repositories, all the relevant information is at your fingertips when you need it.

Give your team a shared brain

Boost efficiency and job satisfaction by giving everyone a real-time view of the latest analysis on every point, so that everything the team does is focused on solving the problem at hand.

litigators and investigators

Continuous, evolving case analysis

Associo gives your analysis a home, where you can develop it continuously and collaboratively, like building a jigsaw puzzle.

Say goodbye to the stress of pulling together all the relevant information when preparing advice, arguments or reports.

Faster, clearer and better value advice 

With Associo, in-house lawyers can refine visual analysis created by people in the business seeking advice, and external counsel can review and revise the analysis created by in-house lawyers.

Avoid the rewriting and duplication that takes place now.

General counsel
expert advisors

Scale your expertise 

Create and sell Associo templates that clients can use to analyse issues you are expert in. Reach new clients who can't afford your traditional services.

Hosting and Security

We provide secure and flexible hosting options to keep your data safe and located where you want it.

Reynen Court

Fully self-hosted

You host the application and databases in your organisation's Azure account via Reynen Court.

Microsoft Azure

Hybrid self-hosted in Azure

You host the databases in your Azure account.  We host the application in our Azure account.

Hosted in our Azure account

We host the databases and application in the Associo Azure account.

ISO 27001 certified

Cyber Essentials Plus certified