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The Associo App

A Reasoning Management Platform

A web application where case teams build analysis and collect relevant information in a structured way.

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Trial Bundles

Associo is used alongside your existing software toolkit, making relevant documents easier to find wherever you store them.

Make Stronger Arguments

Develop compelling logical arguments by building your analysis in a collaborative shared space where you can see how all the points fit together.

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Ensure your arguments have a clear logical structure

Mapping the analysis visually in Associo promotes clear thinking across your whole team.

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Keep a simple overview of complex analysis

Maintain a simple overview listing the key issues, linked to views mapping the underlying analysis in each area of the case.

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Prepare Cases More Efficiently

Stop repeating work. Most lawyers spend far too much time “re-finding” relevant information. Avoid that by storing relevant information more effectively.

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Store evidence where you need to find it

Remove the need to ask “What’s our evidence for this proposition” by linking evidence to propositions.

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Solve the problem of scattered annotations on documents

Hyperlink a human-deduplicated master index of relevant documents to your existing repositories, and link extracts into your analysis. When documents move (e.g. to the trial bundle) simply update the links.

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Manage tasks inside the analysis

Predict Outcomes More Reliably

Apply the latest best-practice in outcome prediction to give clearer and more reliable advice, maintained in a visual format that is easier to update and read than traditional narrative advice.

Forecasting best-practice has evolved

Modern research has demonstrated that there are learnable techniques to dramatically improve forecasting accuracy.

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Apply proven forecasting techniques

Efficiently follow techniques that have been proven to increase forecasting accuracy.

Combine rigour with intuition

Conduct rigorous step-by-step analysis and refine that analysis with the benefit of your overall intuition.

Keep predictions up-to-date

Stop giving risky impressionistic updates. Rapidly update your analysis in Associo without sacrificing rigour.

Give shorter, clearer advice

Improve reporting to clients by communicating complex analysis with graphical appendices, increasing clarity and saving reading and writing time.

Rapidly upskill your people

Efficiently pass valuable judgement skills from seasoned experts to junior colleagues. Accelerate that process with our training courses.

Provide Regular Case Valuations

You need to value the case to reach a fair settlement, and funders, insurers and corporate clients are starting to demand regular case valuations so they can value their exposures and report to their investors. Associo provides a robust and efficient valuation method.

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Assess representative potential outcomes

Identify a representative set of potential outcomes, adding their financial impact where appropriate, and assess the likelihood of each.

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Deriving assessment from your master analysis

So often, valuation modelling is undermined by the arbitrary nature of the predictions used as inputs. Using Associo, those inputs are backed up by clear and robust analysis.

Export those predictions in a structured form

Easily export outcome predictions from Associo in a structured format that you can import into Excel.

Calculate the case value using your model or ours

Calculate risk adjusted net present value of the case at the touch of a button, using our model or yours.

Secure and Flexible Deployment Options


Hybrid-hosted in Azure

Host your data in your own Azure account.

Associo Cloud

We host everything for you in the cloud.
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David Blayney KC, CEO