What’s new in Associo - July and August 2023

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Matthew FrawleyFirst published 15th Aug 2023

The team merged 27 pull requests associated with 15 fixes and 16 features/upgrades in July and August 2023.

The release of v1.5.122 introduces major functional and aesthetic updates to the Associo app.

Screenshot showing the new floating Item controls.Screenshot showing the new floating Item controls.

Ongoing UX and UI Improvements

We’re working hard to improve the user experience, based on qualitative feedback from our customers and an iterative design-development process. 

This month’s highlights include:

  • A redesigned View toolbar which offers a more consistent experience across different modes and filters. Along with improved layout at narrower panel widths. 

  • A simplified floating Score control which now sits on top of Item controls, allowing Scoring to take place alongside other actions.

  • New styling for Item controls that works better with a colourful graph.

  • Functionality to select all Items using keyboard shortcuts.

  • The removal of deleted Items from search results.

  • Ability to save pinned columns in the table, and a default Score Set to the View.

Key Fixes

  • Improved stability in the View Advanced Filter. 

  • Fix to prevent the “Something has changed in the schema. Please review the View…” warning from showing more than once.

  • Fix to stop the mouse cursor from jumping position when editing an Item.

New Feature: Bulk Update / Merge using CSV

A table of Items can now be exported, updated in another application (Excel/Pages/Sheets) and then uploaded and merged into the existing Associo data.

This powerful new functionality is limited to Workspace Admins, as merging data can cause large amounts of data to be overwritten. Use with caution!

The bulk update functionality currently only supports text, number, and date Attribute types. We're working on adding support for other types.

Internal packages and GraphQL API upgrades

It’s important for us to keep our application dependencies up to date with the latest releases for security and performance reasons.  

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